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peach12blossoms ([personal profile] peach12blossoms) wrote2013-02-21 04:26 am
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Look at me now!

This is my very first livejournal (and now Dreamwidth) post!

I've had an account on livejournal for a while now and, for some reason (it's really because I'm lazy), I haven't made a single post! Not one. Lame, I know.

I've just graduated High School and we all know how much of our time Senior school work takes up. It's either you have no free time because you're doing this really long and hard research project that you've - regretfully - left off to the last minute or you do have free time but your parents are in the background asking you "what you gonna do with your life?" and you're just like, "Girl's just wanna have fun, Mom!"

So you see, you can't win! And I obviously didn't.

Now, I have all this free time and nothing to fill them up with. I can't gallivant every other day - I can't drive. Yet. I'm always left to my own devices because my mom has a lot of girlfriends - each comes with their own baggage that my Mom likes to help them with. And yada yada yada, blah blah blah, and *BAM!* I'm on Live Journal... journal-ing.

So watch this space. Maybe I will actually continue doing this until... well until I get lazy again :P